Welcome to My Little Sanctuary

Hi, my name is Rebel.
Here is a clay figurine I made of me with a duck and a chicken. Unfortunately, my head fell off and so did the chicken’s wings.

meduckchookjIt’s lucky then, that I am not employed as a sculptor. I’m a graphic designer with 25+ years experience working in the newspaper industry. I work in news, sport, lifestyle and magazine sections over a variety of publications. As Art Director, I also manage a group of talented designers, and if that’s not enough, I also compile, write, edit and design the youth section of the newspaper with a workmate.

When I’m not chasing deadlines, I’m usually at home in my gumboots chasing ducks and chooks around my property as well as caring for native Australian animals who I raise and rehabilitate to return to the wild as part of my duties as a volunteer wildlife carer.

It is animals that inspire me in my creative life outside newspapers. Furred, feathered or scaled, animals feature in most of my illustration, photography, fabric design and writing.

Whether they are wandering around my backyard or just in my imagination, they all make up the wonderful place that is My Little Sanctuary.